Head Dog Trainer

Jonathan Dee Hopper

Jonathan is the Owner and Head Trainer here at Critical Canine Dog Training. Like most trainers, Jonathan started at the bottom, working in the kennel & caring for the dogs’ most basic needs. Fortunately, he developed a strong rapport with the dogs and a high standard for quality of care. Which he considers the cornerstone of the work done at Critical Canine Dog Training. And requires anyone that works here to go through the same process, instilling the same quality of care and respect for the dogs. Jonathan is a student of his craft and is forever learning and growing. And believes that one of his biggest strengths.

“Most of what people call aggression in dogs is really just an inappropriate response to fear and uncertainty. The way to address the problem is taking away the fear of the unknown, by making it known.” – Dick Russel

Head Dog Trainer


Chris has over 30 years experience working and training dogs. Chris has gathered knowledge from hundreds of classroom hours and training as a Police K9 Handler to begin training Personal Protection dogs upon his departure from the Police Department. Chris has trained a wide variety of dogs for many different purposes: Police K9’s Therapy Dog’s Emotional Support Animals Protection/Sport Dogs Pet Obedience Aggressive Behavior Modification Deaf Dogs Chris firmly believes that the relationship between the dog and the person(s) living, working and training has to be rooted in trust and positivity. Chris works with his clients to foster a relationship with their dogs that will most likely bring about the desired results while ensuring that the dog remains happy and positive. Chris has 15 years of classroom instruction experience. His ability to relay information to families is unparalleled. He can work with young kids and high schoolers to develop fun activities that build proper relationships with the dogs. He can help the over extended spouse raising multiple children with a new puppy, develop a system that can be managed and is good for the family. Chris can work with the clients that adopted the abused dog from the animal shelter who has learned to only trust his/her new family, and react aggressively to strangers. Chris can help you teach your deaf dog sign language, your new puppy to potty outside and that old dog a new trick. In 30 plus years, he has seen it all.

Our Training

Our name stems from the severity of some of the services we provide. We specialize in aggression and reactivity. The Last Stop Aggressive dog program is designed for dogs on their last chance. Due, to their aggression and unpredictable nature. And this is why we believe here at Critical Canine Dog training; training makes the difference between life and death in some situations. We do not meet aggression with aggression or mask aggression with an obedience program, essentially putting a bandaid on a bullet hole. We offer life-altering results without using aversive techniques or instilling fear in your dog.

Although we focus primarily on aggression and reactivity, we specialize in so much more, including puppy raising (potty training, crate training, puppy obedience foundation, etc.), obedience (from puppy to high-level competition obedience), behavior modification (aggression, anxiety, reactivity, fear/ confidence issues, etc.), personal protection and sports work, and so much more. Contact us today to discuss our philosophy, training techniques, and pricing.