Allergic Reaction to Vaccinations

I was recently alerted that my dogs’ rabies and other vaccinations were due, and so I decided to take my Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois to the nearby Tractor Supply Store to receive their shots. I brought one dog in at a time for vaccinations, and both dogs had previously been through this process.

My Malinois had a severe allergic response to his puppy injections, which was an event I will never forget, and as a result, I kept a tight eye on him following his immunizations. It wasn’t until an hour later that I checked on him and noticed he was covered in hives and his head, jaws, and paws were swollen. I panicked and called the vet, as well as a few pals at Critical Canine, who urged me to give him benadryl in the appropriate dose for his weight, which I did. My dog was quite uncomfortable and not acting normally, so I stayed with him to comfort him. About two hours after receiving the shots, he began vomiting, and it wasn’t until then that he began to improve. I continued with a modest amount of benadryl until the next day, along with light food and water, and the next day, his condition returned to normal.

My other dogs have never had an adverse reaction to their vaccinations, but this one has had two. I’m afraid to give him another shot after experiencing this twice since I don’t want anything to happen to him.

Thanks Critical Canine for the help!

Please feel free to share if you have encountered a similar reaction with your dog.

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